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HM-012 Disposable Vape with LED Display


HM-012 Disposable Vape with LED Display

Support for OEM/ODM


● Smart, Simple, Stylish

● New technology 3D printing pattern

● 10ml E-juice capacity

● Always vape worry-free

● Immersive flavor experience to the last puff

● Comfortable fit, Enjoyable draw



    7 Jan 2019
    - Dimension: 49*28*79mm
    - Battery Capacity: 550mAh
    - Max Puffs: 8000
    - Resistance: 1.0ohm Mesh Coil
    - Charging: Type-C Port
    - E-liquid Capacity: 10ml
    - LED Display

    New Tech

    7 Jan 2019
    3D Printing Patterns

    High quality 3D printing  combines with transparent unit, more than an art piece.  Double elements, double enjoyment!

    It's an exquisite vape that’s prize worthy for its stunning craftsmanship, eye-catching styling along with phenomenal operation within a light, compact body.
    HM-012 Disposable Vape with LED Display03y0f

    The Best Alternative to Disposable Vape

    7 Jan 2019
    Better performance, greater flavor and more advanced functions, all these upgrades only costs you a disposable vape price.

    It is able to deliver pure taste and prefect throat hit without any doubts, it is compatible with both regular e-juice and nic salts. Besides, the auto draw design makes it more friendly for newbies.
    HM-012 Disposable Vape with LED Display04was

    Flavors are available for customized OEM/ODM projects.

    Here are some of our current flavors:

    • Strawberry Watermelon: A mouthwatering flavor with a juicy aftertaste.
    • Pineapple Peach Lemonade: A savory and sweet treat.
    • Peace Ice: A peachy, minty vaping experience.
    • Guava Ice: A pleasantly sweet taste with a minty aftertaste.
    • Peace Mango Watermelon: Sweet, tart, and incredibly delicious.
    • Strawberry Banana: A fruity puff you can’t get enough of.
    • Blue Razz Ice: A sweet, mouthwatering flavor with a cooling kick.
    • Mixed Berries: Experience a berry burst with every puff.
    • Watermelon Ice: The perfect blend of sweet and sour.
    HM-012 Disposable Vape with LED Display02sddHM-012 Disposable Vape with LED Display010g1

    More Details

    HM-012, available in a range of tempting flavors and featuring cutting-edge hardware and automatic drawing technology.  

    HM-012 is prefilled with 5% tobacco nicotine and can last up to 8,000 puffs, providing an exceptionally smooth smoking experience. Our HM-012 comes in a variety of delicious options so you can have your favorite flavors at your fingertips.  

    The HM-012 sets the standard for the smoothest vaping experience you can find. Each vape comes equipped with new hardware and automatic vaping technology, ensuring days of satisfaction. HM-012 focuses on high-quality materials, from batteries and heating elements to liquids and delicious flavors, guaranteeing a superior experience without compromising or cutting corners. Carefully crafted without apology or compromise, the HM-012 is one-off, discreet and user-friendly. Forget about worries about battery charging, condiment refills or settings adjustments. 

    Each device in the package comes with a 550mAh battery and 10mL of prefilled flavor. Additionally, the batteries are designed to run out at about the same time as the flavor, ensuring value when purchased in bulk.