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Darkhorse Launched Two New Dual Mesh Coil Vapes


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Darkhorse Launched Two New Dual Mesh Coil Vapes


HarkHorse release two new e-cigarettes: D033 and D034

HarkHorse, a leading manufacturer of vaping device, recently launched two new e-cigarettes that will revolutionize the vaping experience for vapers. D033 and D034 are the latest additions to the HarkHorse family, offering advanced features and cutting-edge technology for an unparalleled vaping experience.

One of the standout features of the D033/034 is its dual mesh coils, designed to deliver a massive amount of vapor up to 13,000 puffs. This innovative coil technology delivers an incredibly smooth and delicious vaping experience, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced vapers alike. The D033/034 also features an LCD screen, allowing users to easily monitor their e-cigarette settings and battery level.


In addition to advanced coil technology, the D033/034 also comes with a Type-C charging port and an 850mAh rechargeable battery. This ensures that vapers can enjoy long periods of vaping without having to constantly worry about charging their device. D033/034 also comes with a pre-installed 15ml e-liquid cartridge, allowing users to use it conveniently and worry-free right out of the box.

D033/034 is the perfect choice for vapers who prefer a more traditional vaping experience. This MTL (mouth-to-lung) e-cigarette is designed to provide a smooth and satisfying throat hit reminiscent of traditional smoking. With its stylish and portable design, the CloudChaser is perfect for vapers who are constantly on the go.

Both are designed with user convenience in mind. Whether you're a seasoned vaper or just getting started, HarkHorse's latest e-cigarettes offer an unmatched combination of performance, style and ease of use. With advanced coil technology, long-lasting battery life and pre-filled e-liquid cartridges, the D033/034 are sure to become must-have devices for vaping enthusiasts.


Overall, the launch of D033/034 demonstrates HarkHorse’s commitment to innovation and providing vapers with the best vaping experience. With advanced features and user-friendly design, these two new e-cigarettes are sure to impress the vaping world.

Whether you're looking for big clouds and bold flavors, or a more traditional MTL experience, D033/034 offer something for every vaping enthusias.